10 Newly-Built Apartments


Located in the centre of Hanley, Staffordshire, a block of 10 newly-built apartments was being delivered by a developer. 

As the project progressed to the construction phase, the client transitioned to the role of the Principal Contractor, meaning that the range of their duties and priorities changed.

 Despite the change, the health and safety elements of running a construction site remained a priority and required assistance if they were to be effectively addressed.


More often than not, if properly adhered to, the current regulations prove to be effective in ensuring the welfare of those involved. 

However, these regulatory measures also require a sophisticated understanding of the requirements. With health and safety being one of the greatest priorities in the modern construction industry, the process starts at the very beginning, right before the site is set up. 

The site in question was thoroughly assessed and was found to be very tight. This meant that additional planning was required to guarantee enough working room while also allowing sufficient space for the necessary site welfare facilities, material storage and waste areas.


With our experience and expertise in the field of health and safety within the construction industry, we were able to provide a full suite of services that would support the client with their Principal Contractor duties. 

The range of services included a Site-specific Construction Phase Plan, Health & Safety File, Coordination of the O&M Manual and regular monthly Site Safety Audits throughout the construction phase.

 Administering these and other procedures gave the client peace of mind and enabled them to focus on their chosen role. In the end, the site was effectively coordinated with no issues arising during the construction phase as a result of health and safety procedures. 

The project was reported on to the client on a monthly basis with no issues raised by them throughout.

The procedures ensured that the site was kept clean at all times, and the welfare of the contractors involved was always a priority to the site management team.

"Having supported the principal contractor establish the site from the project outset we have a real sense of achievement that this tight site was kept clean and free from obstruction for the duration of the build. 

It certainly did not come without its challenges, but each was met with determination and the will to ensure the health and safety of all those involved."

Natalie Hewitt Principal Designer

Project Details


Hanley, Staffordshire



Services Provided

Site-Specific Construction Phase Plan, Health & Safety File, Coordination of the O&M Manual and Site Safety Audits

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