5 Challenges To An Office Relocation & Why You Need A Project Manager

Date: December 13, 2022

The benefits of an office relocation

Although an office relocation is a big decision, it might turn out to be the best one you have ever made. It allows you to take advantage of a prime business location while also giving your company the chance to appeal to a larger audience of customers. 

Several other elements, such as cheaper prices and superior facilities, may contribute to your decision to relocate as well. However, be sure to take the following into account before diving in:

Moving your office may be the most difficult decision you ever have to make. And to effectively handle these challenges, you need to do a lot of planning ahead and careful management. 

Nevertheless, despite how difficult it may seem, moving can actually be much simpler than you might imagine.

That's where project management comes to the rescue...

You could either attempt to handle the selection of contractors, acquisition of materials, and coordination of all trades yourself while monitoring the process to ensure the move is finished on schedule, or you could enlist the assistance of a reputable, knowledgeable project manager.

Let's now look at some of the critical areas where employing a project manager could be the difference between success and failure.


Timescale is crucial:

It is crucial to have a proposed timetable when considering office relocation. It is beneficial for employees, contractors, and those who are organising the move. Everyone is working to the same schedule when there is a general understanding of when to expect things.

If you do face setbacks, an experienced project manager will identify how they impact other areas of the move such as contractor start dates and material deliveries and of course the projected office move end date and make adjustments where possible.


Contractors are critical:

One choice you'll have to make when organising an office relocation is which contractors to use. Will you choose a local or national contractor?

An effective project manager will have a wide range of contacts, which will allow them to choose the best option to suit the project's requirements. 

Local companies and suppliers are on the doorstep, so to speak, so choosing between them and the national alternatives that might provide a better cost and overall experience is a decision that will have to be made.

Another decision to be made is whether local contractors could have recommendations because they may be familiar with other local contractors and suppliers who are pertinent to the contract. 

Avoiding the expense of overnight hotel stays is another benefit of hiring local contractors. For a very large project, you might need to consider a larger, national company, though. 

In particular, if you have little to no prior experience dealing with these problems, the aforementioned can give you unneeded headaches. 

Because they have the expertise to manage these initial demands and seamlessly integrate suppliers and contractors into the work, a project manager will be invaluable in this situation.

A good project manager will always remind you that being cheap doesn't always mean getting the best work because it might indicate lower quality. 

Longer lead times may be linked to less expensive contractors, which will have an effect on other elements of the office move.


Setting realistic budgets:

The majority of office moves are nearly impossible to complete overnight, and doing so on a tight budget is nearly impossible as well. 

Additionally, you need to keep a tight rein on your spending if you're preparing for a long distance move.

One of the most important skills a project manager brings to the table is the ability to set, control, and monitor costs. 

Although you may have made a rough estimate of the cost of your office move, you will undoubtedly need a detailed cost plan so that you can track every penny that’s spent.

Your cost plan can be created by a project manager, who will also give you advice on matters like how to account for overhead and future costs, for example.  

It’s easy to make the mistake of basing future costs and overheads on existing outgoings. The truth is that they might be and most likely will be very different. 

Since Internet prices and utility bills vary by region and service provider, the previous supplier agreements you had might no longer be applicable. So be sure to do your homework. 

A good project manager can save you a lot of money in this area.


IT - a headache in the making:

Procuring and then coordinating the IT installation can be one of the biggest nightmares you’ll ever have. This includes your connections, computers, data, lighting, fire alarms, and security. 

You can use a cost-benefit analysis created by a project manager to determine whether it would be better to use all or part of your current equipment or invest in a partial or full upgrade.

This is a big decision and needs careful thought because getting it wrong now could have a massive financial impact on your business. 

An experienced head is essential to a successful outcome because there are so many factors that must be taken into account with an IT installation.

Lead times are essential for Internet and phone connections, among other things, if you want everything to be operational when your staff moves in.



The overall coordination of your move will be a significant obstacle for you. Keeping everyone on the same page is a difficult job. A project manager to coordinate the move is strongly advised, if you can afford it. 

Keep in mind that a quicker transition from your old location to the new one will result in less downtime and, consequently, less revenue loss.



The importance of communication cannot be overstated in any aspect of business, including office relocation. It is imperative that you inform your landlords, suppliers, clients, and other contacts about your move.Ensure that the method of communication you choose is appropriate for the audience.

By considering all the aforementioned factors, you can ensure that your business relocation goes as smoothly as possible. 

While it may be tempting to move quickly through this process—after all, you're eager to get moving—you must be thorough and cautious with every move you make when relocating your office because mistakes can be very expensive!


Our offer to you...

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