Post Project Reviews And Why You Need To have Them

Date: December 20, 2022

What is a post project review?

Project managers can use a post-project review as a tool to assess a project's success at its conclusion. 

Over the course of the review, the team members compare the project's anticipated and actual results. Following are some ways that project managers can gain from a post-project review:


1 Identify individual accomplishments and strengths.

A post-project evaluation could be used by teams to document their achievements. This could improve future teams' motivation and effectiveness. 


2 Identify what needs to be improved.

By looking at difficult processes and steps, a project manager may discover areas for improvement. With this knowledge, they can make recommendations for streamlining or improving procedures in upcoming projects. 


3 Determine the most efficient methods.

Project managers can take advantage of the review procedure to think about the best strategies going forward. By examining what worked well in the past, they can develop effective strategies for future initiatives.


The main areas of discussion during a post project review are:

  • Compare anticipated to actual results. For example, was the forecast profit margin achieved?
  • Project Spend. Was more spent on certain materials or sub contracts than anticipated?
  • Overall programme and performance. Was the contract completion date achieved? Did the contract overrun? If so, why?
  • Recommendations for the future. What worked and what didn’t? What can be improved? Contractors or subcontractors performance.  


The above is not an exhaustive list, just a general snapshot.

If mistakes are to be avoided and best practises are to be replicated, a post-project review is essential.

Post-project reviews are a priceless tool for providing feedback so that teams can advance their abilities and performance. 

These reviews provide a chance to ensure ongoing development and have the potential to raise team morale.  

It is crucial to involve as many project team members as possible in the review. By doing so, the project can be evaluated more thoroughly and any ambiguities can be found. 

Making these reviews successful depends on objective feedback and honest opinions free from ego interference.


Lisa Carr - Project Manager

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