The Essential Components of a Pre Construction Information Pack

Date: March 21, 2023

What is a Pre-Construction Information Pack?

The Pre Construction Information Pack (PCIP) is a document which contains essential information related to a construction project. 

It includes data that the Client already holds or is able to easily access and obtain in order to provide appropriate guidance for relevant CDM Duty Holders, including Designers, Contractors and Principal Contractors. 

While not explicitly referenced in the CDM 2015, the regulations do state that pre-construction information should be presented in an organised, clear and easy-to-understand format.

Pre Construction Information is a critical step in meeting the requirements laid out in the Regulations. 

Designers must take all pre-construction data into consideration when drawing up their designs, and then Contractors or Principle Contractors need to use that information to fulfill their responsibilities for the Construction Phase Plan.


Developing The Pre-Construction Information.

Under the CDM Regulations, it is the Client's responsibility to provide a Pre Construction Information Pack to each Designer and Contractor as soon as possible. 

It falls to the Principal Designer, once appointed, to collate this information and present it in an accessible form. 

The Pre Construction Information Pack is constantly evolving, being edited and updated based on any new information that develops during the pre-construction phase.


Pre Construction Information Contents.

Pre Construction Information (PCI) is an essential document that dictates a project's construction requirements. 

According to UK HSE Guidance L153, PCI must be relevant to the particular project and include an appropriate level of detail proportionate to the risk involved. 

At a minimum, PCI should contain:


1. Project Overview

An overview of the project, as well as any key dates and the contact details of the project team. This will provide a clear summary of the work being undertaken and ensure everyone involved is aware of essential timelines and points of contact.


2. Conditions & Requirements

The client's conditions and management requirements like management arrangements for the project, objectives and restrictions of the client, monitoring review setup for the workforce, site inductions, security measures, and welfare conditions.


3. Health & Safety Details

Details related to the health and safety of all those involved in the project. This includes requirements for site segregation, vehicles/pedestrians movements, fire and emergency procedures, as well as any specific rules set out by the client.


4. Environmental Restrictions

Existing environmental restrictions or on-site risks that must be addressed prior to the start of construction. This includes safety hazards and health hazards that must be identified, evaluated and controlled in order to ensure a safe working environment.


5. Risk Management Information

Information essential in managing risks associated with the design and construction of a project. In order to prevent any potential hazards, information about such designs must be evaluated and precautions taken for certain materials if needed.

This will help mitigate the significant design risks that have been identified throughout the design process.


6. Guidelines for the Construction Phase Plan

7. The Health & Safety File

8. Site Specific Information

Any additional site-specific information that may be relevant to the project should be included in the PCIP. This may include information about nearby buildings, roads, the environment or public areas.

It is important that the PCIP is reviewed and updated regularly throughout the project to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

This will help to ensure that the risks associated with the project are effectively managed, and that everyone involved in the project can work safely.

In conclusion, a Pre-Construction Information Pack is an essential tool for managing health and safety risks associated with construction work.


Kate Hewitt - Project Manager


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