Revitalising Heritage: £5 Million Injection to Breathe New Life into UK's Historic Structures

Date: December 14, 2023

Revitalising Heritage in the UK.

Exciting News for 12 UK Towns and Cities: £5 Million Boost to Revive Historic Buildings! In a fantastic development for local communities, 12 towns and cities across the UK are set to receive a welcome £5 million injection. 

This funding, a result of a ground-breaking partnership between the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Architectural Heritage Fund, aims to empower local communities to breathe fresh life into disused and at-risk historic buildings.

The initiative is an expansion of the successful Heritage Development Trust model, previously piloted in England. 

Historic England's research highlights the need for preservation, revealing that almost half of retail buildings in England and Wales, one-third of offices, and nearly one in five industrial buildings are over a century old.

Among the worthy recipients of this funding is Re-form Heritage in Stoke-on-Trent, overseeing the management of Harper Street and the Grade II listed Middleport Pottery

We at Hewitt&Carr Services are delighted that this vital funding has become available and hope to play our part in the regeneration of our proud local history.


Kate Walker BA(Hons) MArch RIBA ARB CR - Heritage & Restoration Consultant


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