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CDM Health & Safety

Complying with legislation is essential to ensure health and safety. Incidents, investigations and damaging headlines are not always inevitable. We ensure that all risks are accounted for and the necessary documentation is in place for your peace of mind.
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The CDM Regulations Process

Ensuring health and safety can be unfamiliar. The good news is that the process of establishing compliance with the regulations can be effortless: you have a team of experts who know the regulations inside out to ensure compliance and accountability.

1. Live

The project becomes live following planning permission and building regulations approval.

2. Duty Holder Appointment

The client appoints a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor (if applicable).
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3. Pre-Construction Information Pack

The Principal Designer produces Pre-Construction Information Pack (PCIP) to deliver to the Principal Contractor.

4. Construction Phase Plan & Site Safety Manual

The Principal Contractor produces Construction Phase Plan (CPP) & Site Safety Manual to meet the requirements.

5. Health & Safety 

The Principal Contractor produces Health & Safety File to deliver to the client for future reference.
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 What We Do

Our Services

We understand the complications that a construction project can bring. Our Health & Safety Consultants utilise their dedication to improving health and safety in the industry to assess the risks, ensuring compliance with the regulations and a broader future benefit. We are dedicated to providing a variety of services, including:
- Pre-Construction Phase Principal Designer
- Construction Phase Principal Designer
- Designer's Risk Assessments
- Construction Phase Plans
- Construction Environmental Management Plans
- Site Safety Audits
- Site-Specific Risk Assessments
 Who We Help

We Work With

Hewitt and carr architects


We combine your design solutions with our building expertise.

Property & Land Owners

We support you with your property

Property Developers

We help you make the most out of your property opportunities.

Self Builders

We help you with every phase of
your project.
 What We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do CDM Regulations Apply?
The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) apply to every construction project, including domestic and commercial projects that are being conducted by a contractor, even maintenance.
When Does A Project Become Notifiable To HSE?
A project only becomes notifiable when the construction period is expected to last longer than 30 working days, and it will have more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point in the building project or if the construction work has more than 500 person days.
Can You Fulfil The Role Of More Than One Duty Holder?
The short answer is - yes, you can. For example, you could fulfil the roles of both the client and the Principal Contractor if you were carrying out a self-build project.
What Are The Consequences Of Failing To Comply With The CDM Regulations?
Failure to comply with requirements under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) remains a criminal offence that can be punishable with unlimited fines and, for individuals, imprisonment.
Do You Offer A Free Consultation?
Yes, we do offer free consultations. Thanks to the nature of our CDM Health & Safety services, a free consultation will help us determine how we can help you.

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