━ Why Ecology Is Important

Ecology Consultants

We help developers and builders in two key ways:
1. We identify potential issues early on, like protected species or habitats. This means you can adjust plans to minimise impact, avoiding delays and costly redesigns later.
2. Our surveys help you find cost-effective solutions up front. Skipping a survey could lead to unexpected discoveries during construction, forcing expensive work stoppages and mitigation efforts.
━ How We Help You

The Ecological Survey Process 

The thought of an Ecological Survey can be somewhat daunting especially with the increased focus on Conservation Ecology in the UK. The good news is that we make the process quick and simple and where necessary provide mitigation strategies that prevent unforeseen costs and delays.

1. Initial Scoping

We gather existing information about the site and surrounding area. This includes maps, aerial photographs, and records of protected species

2. Field Survey

Visit site to assess habitats, plant life, and animal species. This may involve surveys for bats, birds, or badgers, depending on initial findings.

3. Analysis & Report

Collect field data and analyse it to assess the ecological value of the site. Then compile a detailed report and recommendations.

4. Consultation

Consult with statutory bodies like Natural England or local planning authorities. This ensures the survey meets legal & any specific requirements

5. Recommendations

We outline ways to minimise the impact of the development on the ecology including specific species mitigation strategies.
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━ What We Do

Our Services

We pride ourselves on delivering a complete service, from start to finish. Our Ecology Consultants will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project is fully assessed so there are no hidden surprises. We are dedicated to providing a full range of ecological services, including:
- Ecological Surveys
- Habitat Assessments
- Protected Species Surveys
- Mitigation Planning
- Habitat Management Plans
- EIA's
- Polution Monitoring 
- Biodiversity Assessments
- Ecological Education & Training
- Expert Witness Service
- Plan Sustainable Development
- Environmental Permitting
 Who We Help

We Work With

Hewitt and carr architects


We combine your design expertise with our ecological solutions.

Property & Land Owners

We increase the likelihood of approval by planning authorities.

Property Developers

Helping to navigate environmental regulations,and minimise risks.

Self Builders

Preventing ecological surprises during construction.
 What We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Having An Ecological Survey Save Money?
Yes! Ecology surveys can save money by avoiding delays and costly changes during construction due to unforeseen ecological issues. They identify potential problems with protected species or habitats early on. This allows you to adjust plans before construction starts, avoiding costly delays and redesigns.
When Should I Hire An Ecological Consultant?
The smartest time to hire an ecology consultant is at the very beginning of your project! This allows them to work with you from the start, saving you money and time in the long run.
What Happens If My Site Has Protected Species?
Our ecologist will assess the potential impact of your development on the protected species. This considers factors like habitat disturbance, noise pollution, and potential harm to individuals or breeding grounds. You will then receive a full report including mitigation strategies.
How Will The Ecological Survey Findings Impact My Planning Permission?
A well-done survey with mitigation strategies can smoothen the planning process. Conversely, neglecting a survey could delay or even block approval.
What type of ecological survey will I need?
It depends on the project and the initial scoping. It could be a general habitat survey, a protected species survey (bats, birds, badgers), or something more specific.
Can I minimize the impact of my development on the environment?
Yes! Ecological consultants can suggest mitigation strategies to lessen the development's ecological footprint. 

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