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Project Management

Our project managers provide expert oversight and coordination for your construction projects. Our services include planning, scheduling, budgeting, quality assurance, risk mitigation, and stakeholder communication. Our skilled project managers work to ensure your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to specified quality standards through meticulous planning and execution.
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The Project Management Process 

Managing a construction project can be overwhelming. The good news is that the process itself can be simple: you have a team of experts who have been through it all before, and they know exactly how to ensure each project is successful.

1. Project Initiation

We start by thoroughly analysing the requirements to determine the scope of the project.

2. Project Planning

We plan out the project approach, from outlining activities to managing quality and everything in between.

3. Project Execution

We ensure that the project is executed accurately as all the pre-construction planning is put to the test.

4. Project Monitoring

We respond to arising needs of the project and ensure that it is running on schedule and within budget.
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5. Project Closure

We finalise all aspects of the construction process for a hassle-free hand-over of the completed project.
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━ What We Do

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a complete service, from start to finish. Our Project Managers will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that your project is completed on schedule and within budget. We are dedicated to providing a variety of services, including:
- Procurement Strategy
- Contractor Tendering
- Stakeholder Management
- Schedule of Works
- Project Monitoring
- Site Audits
- Post-Completion Review
- Handover Management
- Contract Administration
- Quality Management
- Development Management
- Budget Management
 Who We Help

We Work With

Hewitt and carr architects


We combine your design solutions with our building expertise.

Property & Land Owners

We support you with your property

Property Developers

We combine your design solutions with our building expertise.

Self Builders

We help you with every phase of
your project.
 What We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hiring A Project Manager Save Money?
Generally, a successful project manager will save you more money than the cost of their fees. A dedicated project manager can save costs in many areas such as pre-construction advice, time management and budget expertise. Those areas, amongst many others, will contribute to the project's success or, if not addressed, its failure.
When Should I Hire A Project Manager?
It is never too early to hire a Project Manager. An early appointed professional can be there to assess any initial issues and address them or identify any high or low risks that could be encountered further down the line, saving both money and time.
Who Will Be Responsible For Creating The Schedule Of Works?
A Project Manager will create the Schedule of Works. They will also call in quotes from contractors and negotiate a pricing structure acceptable for the client. A Project Manager will also help appoint trades, suppliers and services, determining who should be on-site and when.
When Do You Offer You Project Management Services?
We offer our Project Management services nationwide. Contact us to discuss your project with us to see how we can help you.
Do You Offer A Free Consultation?
Yes, we do offer free consultations. Thanks to the nature of our Project Management services, a free consultation will help us determine how we can help you and build a relationship to benefit your project throughout its various stages.
Can You Work With Property Investors?
Yes, we can manage projects for property investors / property developers. Our project management services will always help to give a property investor the best ROI on any type of project.

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