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Quantity Surveying

One of the most important aspects of any construction project big or small is cost control and this is where a Quantity Surveyor excels. We can help you evaluate your project, reduce risk, uncover hidden value, create accurate workable budgets and monitor progress to make sure everything stays on track.
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The Quantity Surveying Process

Ensuring construction cost certainty is something we all strive for but rarely achieve. However our simple process makes sure you’re prepared for unforeseen events, allows you to evaluate and mitigate risks and gives you the flexibility to adjust your budget to suit.

1. Project

We thoroughly evaluate our clients project to gain a full understanding and ensure we deliver what is required.

2. Risk Mitigation

We assess all contract documents and drawings and then we identify and assess the risks. We then begin the mitigation process.

3. Value 

Our value engineering process is used to solve problems and identify and eliminate unwanted costs on a project.
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4. Budget

We create a budget based on your needs then prepare estimates to ensure the budget is sufficient
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5. Progress

The Principal Contractor produces Construction Phase Plan (CPP) & Site Safety Manual to meet the requirements.
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 What We Do

Our Services

We know that no two construction projects are exactly the same. Our Quantity Surveyors take on board your challenges and work alongside you to ensure the best solutions possible are achieved. To do that we provide a variety of essential services including:
- Cost Estimating
- Cost Planning
- Advice on Contract Strategy
- Contract Tendering 
- Financial Control 
- Valuation of Work in Progress
- Cash Flow Budgets
- Final Account Preparation
 Who We Help

We Work With

Hewitt and carr architects


We combine your design ideas with our building expertise.
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Property & Land Owners

We support you with your property
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Property Developers

We help you make the most out of your property opportunities.

Self Builders

We help you with every phase of
your project.
 What We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a quantity surveyor do?
A quantity surveyor covers a number of important roles. For Clients and contractors they will advise initial costs for drawings and develop this through the design development process. They will also assist with the procurement of labour, materials agree monthly valuations and the final account.
What size of project do I need a quantity surveyor for?
A quantity surveyor can be involved in all projects from a small extension to a multi million pound build. Although they're not routinely used for domestic projects, a quantity surveyor can save money and also identify and reduce unforeseen risk.
What is cost monitoring?
Cost monitoring is keeping an eye on all the costs related to a project to allow a project to move forward and to make sure that a client's money is being spent wisely to ensure the successful completion of the project.
At what stage should I employ a Quantity Surveyor?
Ideally a quantity surveyor should be brought on board at an early stage. Costing can be carried out with just a simple outline drawing and the assumptions gained can then be used to drive the design process.
Do You Offer A Free Consultation?
Yes, we do offer free consultations. Thanks to the nature of our Quantity Surveying process, a free consultation will help us determine how we can best help you.

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