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Town Planning

Planning applications, legislation and guidance can often seem like a maze. All the same, it's often the first step to getting a project off the ground. We cut through the complexity to provide clients with the most efficient and cost-effective planning solutions.
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The Town Planning Process

Getting planning permission can be daunting. The good news is that the process of applying and appealing can be easier: you have a team of experts who advise at every stage to ensure you successfully navigate the system's complexities.

1. Site/Building Appraisal

We start by evaluating the characteristics of the existing site and its surroundings.

2. Design Process

We partake in the design process to ensure compliance with the local planning policy.

3. Application Submission

We assist in submitting the finalised planning application to the local planning authority.

4. Consultation

We monitor the application process to ensure all supporting information is provided.

5. Determination

We await the determination within between 8 and 13 weeks depending on the application.
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6. Decision

We review the decided application to confirm its success or need for an appeal.
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7. Appeal (If Necessary)

We support the appeal to ensure the areas of concern are adequately addressed.
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8. Implementation

We finalise the application process by ensuring awareness of the planning conditions.
━ What We Do

Our Services

We recognise the complexity of  planning applications, legislation and guidance. Hewitt&Carr Services utilise their vast experience to assess your planning opportunities, ensuring you make the most informed decisions. We are dedicated to providing a variety of services, including:
- Site Appraisals
- Pre-Application Submissions and Consultation
- Planning Applications Including Planning Statements
- Planning Appeals
- Permitted Development Prior Approval Submissions
- Lawful Development Certificates
- Enforcement Notices
- Discharge of Planning Conditions
- Completion of Community -Infrastructure Levy Forms
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We Work With

Hewitt and carr architects


We combine your design solutions with our building expertise.

Property & Land Owners

We support you with your property

Property Developers

We help you make the most out of your property opportunities.

Self Builders

We help you with every phase of
your project.
 What We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Planning Permission?
Planning permission is required for all proposals that constitute 'development'. The development includes the erection of buildings, extensions and alterations to buildings, engineering operations and changes of use (amongst others). However, some works automatically benefit from planning permission under Permitted Development.
We can assist you with preparing a planning application or, in the case of Permitted Development, a lawful development certificate application.
How Much Does Planning Permission Cost?
Planning fees are set by the national government and vary depending on the proposed development type. By way of two examples, the erection of an extension to a dwelling house costs £206. The erection of a dwelling costs £426 per unit. You can find further information via the Planning Portal website
When Can I Appeal Against A Planning Decision?
A planning appeal can be lodged if a planning application has been refused or the Local Authority has failed to determine an application within its statutory time limit. Appeals can also be lodged against conditions imposed on planning approvals or against the refusal of prior approval, lawful development certificates or listed building consent applications. If you have been refused consent or wish to discuss an appeal against non-determination, contact us to discuss it further.
How Much Do You Charge For A Consultation?
We can provide you with a bespoke fee reflecting the complexity of your project. A site appraisal can be highly beneficial as it enables vital planning issues to be identified and an appropriate strategy implemented.

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