Full House Refurbishment Stanley Village


We are currently working on a full refurbishment in a beautiful conservation area located in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The house in question is nestled within the friendly village of Stanley. Our client wishes to fully refurbish their cherished home in order to make it more family friendly. A home that loves to entertain, this new refurbishment will tick all of their boxes.


Handling a budget on this scale is a challenge in itself. It requires knowledge, experience, and wisdom to prevent additional costs, lack of quality and additional time implications that can impact the various contractor’s programme.


We assigned our Quantity Surveyor to the project right at the beginning. Early involvement from a QS most definitely saves time, improves quality, and ensures the project is as cost effective and kept on track to maximise budget. An experienced QS can see issues coming a mile away, they can then plan and improvise when necessary.

Mark Spender

Mark Spender Project Manager

Project Details


Stanley Staffordshire Moorlands



Services Provided

Quantity Surveyor

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