Planning Permission Refusal - A Case Study


Obtaining planning permission can be a complex process that requires considering multiple aspects and parties at once. The family of four living in Bagnall village in Staffordshire had submitted a planning application for a sizeable extension to their detached cottage. To their disappointment, their application was refused to leave them with no other option but to appeal. To improve their chances of success, they approached our Planning Consultants for help.


The family was hoping to create an open plan family living space, a large first-floor bedroom, larger children's bedrooms and a private en-suite. Two-storey side and rear extensions were proposed as a way to achieve their goals. With the planning application submitted, the family awaited the decision only to learn that it was refused. According to the Local Authority, the proposal would harm the character and appearance of the existing building as well as the wider conservation area that the site lies adjacent.


Having reviewed the family's planning application, our Planning Consultants saw an opportunity and advised the client to lodge an appeal against the Local Authority's refusal of the planning permission. Our expertise allowed us to successfully demonstrate to the Local Authority that the proposed extensions were neither harmful to the character and appearance of the existing building nor to the wider conservation area that the site lies adjacent. To the client's delight, the appeal was allowed, and the planning permission was granted on the second attempt to allow the family to proceed with their transformative two-storey side and rear extensions.

A satisfying win vindicating our belief in the quality of the design submitted.

Rob Duncan, Planning Consultant

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Bagnall, Staffordshire



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Planning permission, planning statements & planning appeals

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