Maximise Your Construction Budget: 5 Reasons to Use a Quantity Surveyor for Your Construction Cost Plan

Date: November 29, 2023

5 Construction Cost Plan Facts to Consider


1 Quantity surveyors accurately measure materials needed to prevent over-ordering. Over-ordering materials leads to excess spending and waste if unused supplies are not returned or stored properly.


2 They create detailed cost plans bench-marking prices for equipment rentals, labor rates, materials cost per square foot/metre, etc. Accurate budgets prevent overspending and unwanted surprises when invoices start coming in.


3 Quantity surveyors perform value engineering to optimize the most economical materials and building methods for the owner's budget. They suggest design changes that save dramatically on project costs.


4 On commercial projects, they perform life cycle cost analysis to evaluate long-term energy, maintenance, and operating costs. This prevents short-term savings at the expense of much higher long-run expenses.


5 Quantity surveyors use historical data and industry knowledge to give accurate pricing advice for budgeting additions like landscaping, specialized lighting, acoustic treatments, etc. This allows owners to budget accurately across all project components.


In conclusion: Investing in an experienced quantity surveyor to create your construction cost plan is proven to save commercial and residential construction projects thousands in cost overruns. Their detailed takeoffs, budgets, value engineering, and life cycle costing create lasting value.


Mark Spender: Chartered Surveyor


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