How Site Audits Can Help Your Construction Project

Date: December 15, 2022

Site audits friend or foe?

Construction audits review various project activities to make sure they are functioning properly and in accordance with the contract's requirements. 

Site audits are a vital tool for keeping everything on track and within budget because construction projects typically involve multiple activities, all performed concurrently.

So how exactly are site audits beneficial to construction projects.


Aids Cost Recovery:

Costs on a construction site can change over the course of the project and, without adequate controls, can easily get out of hand.

Site audits can help pinpoint areas where costs are going over budget and who, specifically suppliers and/or contractors, are responsible. Site audits can also assist with creating backup plans.


Improves Internal Controls:

A great deal of conflict on construction sites stems from an inability to stay within the original scope of the project. 

Without adequate controls, things such as client variations can add a considerable amount of additional work and potential delay to the overall contract programme, not to mention run away with unrecorded costs. 

Site audits make sure that all relevant controls are in place and working and help with quality management.


Determines Project Progress:

Because they can help ensure that deadlines are met, site audits are crucial. They will be able to assess whether the project is on time, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule. 

To accurately assess how the project is progressing, a site auditor will visit the site, review the progress, and speak with personnel before forming a final opinion.


2 Determine Your Approach:

You need to start at the beginning, which means you should analyze and evaluate all your current quality procedures.

As with most business processes, there are many approaches you can take, depending on the goals you have defined.

For example, if you want to eliminate return visits, involve construction managers in quality-management processes such as regular site inspections, snag list management, and reporting metrics. 

Based on the results you want, you need to define the roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the quality-management processes and clearly communicate them to all members of the team.  


Ensures Safety:

To ensure that all workers are working in a safe environment, site auditors can also review safety protocols pertaining to things like equipment, hazardous materials, and traffic management. Records of audits can also help if and when you get a visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Some people see site audits through a victims eyes as in someone coming to site to find fault. Others see site audits as beneficial because they reveal things that, if left unchecked, would not only get worse but could be very detrimental to the project as a whole.


Kate Hewitt - Project Manager

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