The Importance of a Quality Assurance Plan in Construction

Date: February 28, 2023

What is a quality assurance plan in construction?

A quality assurance plan in construction is a document outlining the project-specific quality activities, standards, tools and processes that are necessary to ensure the successful delivery of a given project. 

It is often referred to as a project quality plan (PQP), quality management plan, or project quality management plan.


What’s the purpose of a quality plan?

A quality plan outlines the processes, resources and standards necessary to ensure that a product, service, project or contract meets specified requirements. 

The documents in this plan outline what needs to be done in order to achieve quality goals and help set measurable standards for evaluating progress.


What Makes a Quality Assurance Plan so Important?

Quality assurance planning in construction is an important part of any successful project. 

A quality plan helps ensure that all aspects of the project, from materials and processes to final results and customer satisfaction, are meeting specified requirements. 

Quality assurance plans can help reduce costs, improve scheduling, and maintain standards for quality. Additionally, these plans help identify problem areas in a timely manner so that adjustments or corrections can be made before they become costly issues.


Understanding Quality: What Does it Really Mean?

Quality can be broadly defined as an outcome that meets the expectations of its intended audience. 

Quality results from a process that involves dedication, hard work and communication. It requires continuous monitoring to ensure the desired outcome is met throughout the project. 

Good quality is not guaranteed and must be actively pursued to achieve success.


Why Good Quality Is Essential: A Look at the Impact.

Why is it important to strive for good quality in a project? Quality control throughout a job can make every step of the process better, from the work being done by operators to the final product itself. 

An attention to quality can increase safety, make the workers take extra pride in their work, and help the finished product stand out above similar projects.


Can Quality Really Affect the Bottom Line?

Does quality affect the bottom line? Absolutely! When quality is sacrificed, projects become less profitable in a variety of ways. 

Poor working practices require extra management input and can lead to more health and safety issues. Low quality construction can also fail to meet its designated purpose. 

Ultimately, poor practices result in wasted time and materials, driving up costs significantly.

Kate Hewitt - Project Manager


How we can help…

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